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After Earth (2013)

2 Jun

Sometime after his last apocalyptic train wreck The Happening, M. Night Shyamalan‘s After Earth features the father/son combo of Will and Jaden Smith learning to survive in a world filled with pheromone smelling beasts.

Things start out with some potential, but the film quickly get dull, predictable, and void of any drama by the time the story is supposed to pick up speed, leaving this movie as an excuse for an established actor to show off his son in front of some poor CGI. Not to rag on someone as young as Jaden, but when you are only preforming alongside a green-screen, minor acting flaws become obviously magnified and things get bad. We’re talking cringe-worthy bad.

The good news here is that Shyamalan’s reputation might rise slightly among his fans, as the movie is more watchable than The Last Airbender. The bad news is that most of his fans are now under the age of 10.

3/10 stars

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