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Cloud Atlas (2012)

26 Oct

Everything about Cloud Atlas felt epic.

Production, cast, special effects, but most importantly – the interwoven stories. We see six throughout the 3 hour spectacle, but I felt that everyone of the six adventures were strong enough to be its own feature film.

It took about 50 minutes into the movie for the confusion to wear off, and its around this time that you can finally start to keep track of who is who and what exactly is going on. A collaboration from the Wachoski’s and Tom Tykwer, Cloud Atlas is a fantastic visual and character-driven escapade from start to finish.

Though it started out being a confusing tossed salad of sic-fi, romance, action and politics, the last hour the film connects all loose ends and comes together nicely considering the overbearingly large amount of plot and characters.

Rating: 8/10