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best movies of 2013

29 Dec





Here are my top 15 movies of the year :

15- Pain and Gain
14- Blue is the Warmest Color
13- Before Midnight
12- Stoker
11-  Jagten (The Hunt)
10- Magic Magic
9- Frances Ha
8- American Hustle
7- Side Effects
6- Wolf of Wall Street
5- Gravity
4- The Place Beyond The Pines
3- 12 Years A Slave
2- Upstream Color
1- Prisoners



Pain and Gain (2013)

8 May

Pain and Gain is the latest escapade from the infamous action-movie auteur Micheal Bay (Armageddon, The Rock, Transformers). Overall, though the film gained the typical critical backlash Bay is used to getting, I liked it. So sue me. Sure he has had a few misses over his career, but Micheal Bay still knows how make entertaining movies. Dwayne The Rock Johnson at his best. Overall the film is a goofy ensemble of events and ideas, but there are enough golden campy moments throughout to keep me satisfied.

6/10 stars

similar to: Fargo, Spring Breakers, In Bruges