Kung Fury (2015 Short Film)

7 Dec

In December 2013 a little home-made trailer hit the internet. It was part of a Kickstarter campaign for Kung Fury, a 80’s themed passion project of director David Sandberg that promised action, ultra-violence, dinosaurs, time travel, nazis, renegade cops, and of course, lots of synthesizer music. The internet went crazy and donated three times the amount Sandberg was asking his fans for.

I’m not sure if the world was ready for it, but Kung Fury was released into the world wide web earlier this year and short films haven’t been the same since.

Story-wise, Sandberg delivered his promise of a renegade cop (also played by Sandberg) who goes back in time to stop Adolf Hitler, aka “Kung Fuhrer” (Jorma Taccone) from mastering the art of kung fu and taking over the world. Along the way our protagonist gets help from some friends named Triceracop (Erik Hornqvist), Barbarianna (Eleni Young), Hackerman (Leopold Nilsson), and David Hasselhoff.  It’s a borderline insane story premise, but Sandberg’s passion for the ridiculously campy and fun 80’s aesthetic ensures Kung Fury excels in it’s execution.

Kung Fury is all about the excitable, sheer joy one gets while immersed into the action-packed films of the 80’s. By milking each campy moment to the max, Sandberg creates a fast-paced hilarity-fuelled spectacle that’s packed to the brim with nostalgic, unpredictable surprises. Sadly, the story gets thrown out during a hectic and rushed third act, leaving fans with just enough of a tease to demand the possibility of a full-length feature.  In short, all things are possible with Kung Fury. 

Bottom Line: This crowd-funded short delivers campy, self-aware fun, and a kick-ass attitude, well-deserving of its dedicated cult following. 

Rating: 9/10 

Film Recipe: Drive + Turbo Kid  

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