30 Dec

For your viewing pleasure: my favorite films of 2014. I only counted films that had a theatrical or VOD release this year, so some stuff I saw at festivals (like Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter & Infinitely Polar Bear) and late Oscar films (like Foxcatcher & Inherent Vice) will be saved for next year.  Enjoy!

EDIT – unfortunately, Vimeo took down my video, so here is a direct link to view it from my Google Drive (thanks Google!)

I want to hear your thoughts. Anything you think I missed?

2 Responses to “MY FAVORITE FILMS OF 2014”

  1. mayra December 30, 2014 at 10:30 pm #

    big fan of this list!! especially because it’s an excellent mix of films i haven’t
    heard of, films i’m still waiting to become available to me and films i totally adored.
    really interested in checking out It Felt Like Love and Why Don’t You Play in Hell off it.
    as for things you missed? i’m not sure, perhaps Mommy and/or Starred Up?
    really liked your video on Best Docs as well! i never really keep up with those and only watch a few, but The Internet’s Own Boy really stroke a never, so was pleased to see it come on top there. will try to check out some of the other documentaries you brought up on your video for sure.

    • FilmsRus January 1, 2015 at 11:14 pm #

      As a fan of Dolan’s stuff, I’m really looking forward to Mommy once it opens in theatres nearby. I really liked Starred Up – Jack O’Connell gives one of the year’s best performances – but I think overall, the film didn’t quite have an engaging enough narrative to make the cut. I’m glad I could give you some watchlist additions 🙂

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