Sightseers (2012)

6 Aug


Take a couple who are deeply in love but in need of some serious social skills and send the pair on a holiday into the British countryside. The end result is something like what Sightseers portrays but with a dash of good-humored, old-fashioned murder. That’s right, there is a lot of killing in this film.

We are first introduced to our protagonist Tina (played by Alice Lowe), as she mentions to her concerned mother that she is planning on hitting the road with her boyfriend Chris (Steve Oram). The pair seem likeable enough at first; we even see a brilliant scene where Chris confronts a man caught littering on a public heritage site. However, after Chris accidentally runs over a man he seemingly develops a darker side and good amounts of blood and carnage soon follow.  What starts out as a cute little story about new romance and adventure quickly detours into one miserable accident after the next. Sightseers is a perverse, disgusting, off-base, and uncomfortable film featuring a leading pair of actors who define what it means to be morally wrong.

Something about this film just didn’t sit right to me, mostly due to the film’s refusal on deciding what kind of a film it wants to be. We get pieces of a crime thriller, and elements of romantic and dark comedy, but we never get enough of either resulting in what I like to call a “cluster-yuck” of scenarios. One bizarre situation is strung along to the next interspersed with random montages that have no purpose and add no depth to the story.

The end result is something designed to test the audience’s limit for what could be considered “art”. Though it ends on an interesting note, Sightseers left me with a really bad taste in my mouth along with a dedication to avoid psychopathic British tourists. Or at least films about them.

Rating: 4/10

Similar to: Bronson, Natural Born Killers, Gummo,



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