Quick 2012 year-end update

16 Dec

year-end lists are on their way.

In the meanwhile here’s an update on what I have seen as of late:

Holy Motors – With scenes ranging from the bizarre to the disgusting, to the near-perverse, this is definitely an art-house project worth taking a close look at. I was completely spellbound. 8/10








Hitchcock – Though the story drifts around a bit, the details and look of the film just feels so authentic. Hopkins is so similar in his mannerisms it’s spooky.  8/10








Lincoln – Great performances all around – especially from Daniel Day-Lewis. It has a good script, but it didn’t move me as emotionally as a film from Spielberg should.  6/10









The Hobbit – Relies too much on the success of the previous LOTR films, and drags on way too long for its own good. Also it felt a bit too-kid friendly from what I was expecting making it sort of like The Phantom Menace of Middle Earth.  6/10









Life of Pi –   You can only rely on CGI so much to tell a story, and although I could watch this entire movie on mute and be captivated by it’s beauty, the story-within-a-story concept falls apart and just gets embarrassing near the ending.   6/10



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