The Lion King (1994)

27 Sep

So I recently rewatched The Lion King and being around 15 years since I have last seen it, I picked up on a few things.  Firstly, this film boats some top-notch animation.  The blu-ray transfer looks especially stunning and the way that the painted backgrounds blend in looks fantastic.

Visuals aside, The Lion king is pretty much your standard-formula Disney flick, but it does have some themes that adults can pick-up on.  A lot of themes actually.  Race, gender, politics, family and romance are a few of the more obvious ones.  The plot is both entertaining and thought-provoking, but it does have some flaws.

For example: what’s the deal with Rafeki?  The all-knowing monkey-shaman just kinda  pops up out of nowhere and seems to have the magic answer for everything.  Whats his story? Why couldn’t he become king of the jungle if he knew so much?  He sure would have done a much better job than Simba.

Anyway, enough nit-picking. The Lion King is one of the better Disney animations out there and it has some really memorable characters that give life to the story. The film also is the perfect prototype for your classic hollywood structure and it set the bar for kid-friendly animation films of the late 90’s. I give it praise for having the music and comedy to keep the kids at bay while also giving something for the adults to chew on.

A must-see for Disney fans.

rating 6/10 


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