This is a blog.

18 Sep

Welcome to my movie blog. Hey yo.  My name is Tyler and I have a passion for movies.  My goal with this blog will hopefully to get a conversation going about cinema and educate the public about the joy that can be found in watching both contemporary and classic films. I’m basically so sick of having stuff like Twilight shoved down my throat while we let other films like Let The Right One In  fall to the wayside.  This blog will be made up from mostly the following:

REVIEWS – I talk about why I liked or didn’t like a certain movie and give it a rating out of 10

LISTS – Top 10 80’s movies, Top 10 actors working today, Ten reasons why Nicolas Cage is awesome… etc

DISCUSSIONS – talking about a certain film topic or question on my mind

Q&A – You fellas ask questions, I will answer.

NEWS & OPINIONS – The latest celeb gossip and news from Hollywood. oh boy.

SARCASM – enough said.

Overall, I hope this blog will be a fun interactive experience and a journey through some of the best that cinema has to offer. Cheers! – Tyler

What do you think?

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